Senet, Helium Partner on LoRaWAN Roaming to Boost Coverage — and HNT Earning Potential

Deal will allow Senet customers to roam onto the Helium network — potentially boosting the HNT earned by hotspot operators considerably.

Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity specialist Senet has announced a partnership with Helium which will see the pairs' networks enabled for roaming — dramatically expanding coverage and Helium hotspot owners' potential to earn HNT.

Helium launched its peer-to-peer wireless network, which is driven by devices trading connectivity for a cryptocurrency called HNT, back in 2009, expanding it to Europe last year alongside the launch of its first tracker device. Dubbed "The People's Network," the Helium network now covers 175,000 deployments across 123 countries — and the company claims it has a backlog of 500,000 hotspot orders and more than 50 manufacturers looking to build Helium-compatible devices of their own.

"Our collaboration with the Helium Network demonstrates Senet’s commitment to leading through a combination of innovation and partnerships," claims Bruce Chatterley, Senet chief executive, of the partnership. "Helium created a unique and complementary business model for deploying LoRaWAN networks and the combination of extended network coverage and the potential economic incentive of HNT puts Senet and the Helium Network in a leading position to move the market a step closer to pervasive low power wide area network coverage for IoT applications throughout the United States."

"Senet’s dominant position in the commercial LoRaWAN network market and experience with scaled IoT solution deployments are examples of the success we look for as we partner to deliver value to the Helium ecosystem," adds Amir Haleem, co-founder and chief executive of Helium. "This is an exciting announcement for the industry. The roaming integration with Senet is made possible by the Helium blockchain and brings together two of the fastest-growing LoRaWAN networks in the United States, delivering a significant opportunity for our Hotspot owners to benefit from the rapidly growing IoT services economy."

The deal will allow Senet customers to access Helium-compatible hotspots, increasing traffic on the network — and increasing the HNT earned by hotspot operators accordingly.

More information on the Helium network and the blockchain, which underpins it is available on the official website.

Gareth Halfacree
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