Scott Shawcroft Demos CircuitPython Compatibility on the Teensy 4.0 Development Board

With work still to be done, the CircuitPython project lead has built on Arturo182's previous pull request to add Teensy 4.0 support.

The Teensy 4.0 can now run CircuitPython — though there's work still to be done. (📷: Paul Stroffregen)

Adafruit has released a demonstration of CircuitPython running on Paul Stroffregen's popular Teensy 4.0 development board, building on work merged earlier this month from developer Arturo182 to add support for the NXP Semiconductor I.MX RT10xx family.

Adafruit announced that CircuitPython was "snaking" its way to the NXP I.MX RT10xx family earlier this month, following the acceptance of a pull request from Arturo182 to the project. At the time, though, Arturo was more concerned with support for a pair of as-yet unreleased Feather-format development board of his own devising — the RT1011, which includes an ESP32 co-processor, and the RT1062 with additional GPIOs and a microSD slot - than testing on Paul Stroffregen's Teensy 4.0.

Now, Adafruit has confirmed that CircuitPython is indeed compatible with the Teensy 4.0, with CircuitPython project lead Scott Shawcroft building on Arturo's pull request to polish up compatibility.

"There are many issues still to work out but a bunch of stuff does work," Shawcroft explains. "The main one currently is that after loading CircuitPython with the Teensy loader you have to unplug and plug the Teensy back in. That process is only needed to update CircuitPython though. (Expect to see lots of bug fixes in the coming weeks and months.) Changing the Python code is as easy as changing the files on the drive."

Shawcroft has created a thread on the PJRC forum detailing the work, while a demo video plus sample code can be found on the Adafruit blog.

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