Russell Is More Than a Giraffe — He's a Hackable CircuitPython SAM D21-Powered Badge

Designed for ease of use, this giraffe-shaped badge includes a coin cell battery holder for portable use and an SAO port for expansion.

Maker Ryan M. of redactd has launched a new badge, Russell, designed for experimentation with CircuitPython — and it's in the shape of a giraffe, because why not?

"Russell the giraffe is a hackable badge running CircuitPython," Ryan M. explains, offering the simple reason "#badgelife" for the reason behind his creation. "The RGB light is reverse mounted to shine through the eye of the giraffe."

"Russell can be powered by either the SAO port, the CR2032 coin cell battery or the micro-USB port."

Russell is a giraffe-shaped badge based on a SAMD21 running CircuitPython firmware. (📹: redactd)

As a CircuitPython device, Russell is designed for ease of use: Connecting the badge to any USB Mass Storage compatible machine through its micro-USB port loads the microcontroller as a removable drive. Just edit the Python source code as required.

Russell also includes a Sh*tty Add-On (SAO) port, allowing it to be connected to additional badge accessories — all of which can be controlled from the same microcontroller — a Microchip SAM D21, surface mounted at the base of the giraffe's neck.

Russell is now available to buy on the redactd Tindie store, at $40, in black, blue, and purple PCB variants.

Gareth Halfacree
Freelance journalist, technical author, hacker, tinkerer, erstwhile sysadmin. For hire:
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