Rootfrogs' IR2IO Offers a Universal Infrared Remote Interface for Four Breadboard-Friendly Switches

Just power up the IR2IO, hold one of the four buttons, and fire off any IR remote — and you've got a switch ready to run.

German hobbyist electronics concern rootfrogs UG has launched its first design, a simple remote switch meant to make it as easy as possible to integrate infrared control into your next project: the IR2IO.

"[IR2IO is] a very simple 4-channel switch, controllable by any infrared remote control," the company explains. "You don't need to know anything about the protocol or frequency of your remote control - the IR2IO board works with any common IR-remote control. This is the easiest way to control your hardware by an infrared remote control."

"Implementing an infrared protocol on your controller project is not so easy (you have to know some information about your remote control like frequency and type of protocol and finally you have to find a library for this which runs on your microcontroller). Most projects only need to react on some few specific buttons of your infrared remote control — save your time and nerves and concentrate on the main parts of your project. You can now control your hardware with any IR-remote control in just few seconds."

The IR2IO aims to make adding infrared control to hobbyist projects as simple as possible. (📹: rootfrogs)

The IR2IO simplifies matters, rootfrogs claims, by implementing the configuration on-board. To program the system, any IR remote is pointed at the board's broadband IR receiver while one of the four buttons is held; push a corresponding button on the remote, and it's immediately programmed. Each switch can also be configured to work in normal, inverted, or a latching toggle mode.

The IR2IO board is now available from the rootfrogs Tindie store, priced at $8.98. A manual, schematic, and 3D STEP file can be found on the rootfrogs website.

Gareth Halfacree
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