RISC-V Is Here! RISC-V Summit North America Showcases Innovation, Products, Boards, Community

Meta, Qualcomm, Red Hat, Synopsys, and more headline November 6th-8th event in Santa Clara, California.

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9 months ago

RISC-V is here! So is RISC-V Summit North America 2023, which takes place November 6th-8th in Santa Clara, CA.

One of our primary goals for the event this year is to showcase differentiated RISC-V products and solutions that are in the market and available now, enabling a new era of open compute.

Much has been said and written about RISC-V, the open-standard instruction set architecture. Here is your chance to see its applications, discover more about the ecosystem making the explosive growth possible, and network with the technology leaders and innovators behind it all.

This is the place to be for all-things RISC-V with a rich keynote and technical program, expansive expo area, networking opportunities galore, new product launches, and more. Some key highlights:

Great Keynotes and Technical Program

Headlining the program will be 14 keynote speakers, representing a diverse range of industry leaders, including Qualcomm,Meta,Red Hat, Synopsys, My Silicon Compass and more. In addition, the program features more than 40 technical sessions, featuring companies such as Samsung, Microsoft, Google, VMware, IBM and Intel.

What’s new on RISC-V? In our new Launch Pad on Tuesday afternoon, hear directly from companies who have recently launched new solutions helping to power the era of open compute and learn how RISC-V helps them differentiate. These are not your ordinary product pitches. Companies are given just three minutes to hit the high points and make the case for their new solution. Participants include Andes, BeagleBoard.org Foundation, Codasip, Deep Computing, Esperanto, SiFive and Tetra Mem.

Chiplets are all the rage, as chiplet-based architectures are being employed by a number of companies in the semiconductor industry as a solution for optimizing performance and power consumption, and addressing domain-specific computing problems.

The RISC-V community has seen this trend also, especially with companies developing high end RISC-V processors for data center, AI, automotive and HPC markets. On Wednesday afternoon, attend our special panel, Chiplets in the RISC-V Ecosystem, to hear from representatives from Arteris, SiFive, Tenstorrent, and Ventana, addressing the question: Are chiplets the vehicle that enables high-end RISC-V based processing?

Booths, Boards, Brews and Demos Galore in the Expo

The RISC-V expo area features more than 40 exhibitors from all over the world, along with special demo presentations in the expo theater.

The RISC-V Developer Zone will be a key destination showcasing the range of technologies available to hardware and software developers creating the next generation of computing applications. Get a close look at boards and products available today from the global RISC-V ecosystem.

Andes Technology
Bouffalo Lab
Conclusive Engineering
Deep Computing
Digital Core Technologies
Esperanto Technologies
Espressif Systems
GOWIN Semiconductor
Inspire Semi
Numato Systems Pvt Ltd.
OpenHW Group
Renesas Electronics
Sundance DSP
Trenz Electronic GmbH
VLSI System Design

With much to do and see, you’ll need to eat and stay hydrated! Check out the expo and the sights, while networking and partaking in the Tuesday booth crawl that starts at 5:30pm PT on Tuesday.

Want More Networking Opportunities?

Check out the RISC-V Collaboration Breakfast sponsored by Google on Wednesday morning. We’ll talk about the ways in which community helps shape programs and projects in our everyday lives, from Google products to RISC-V. We’ll then turn it over to you, where you’ll have the opportunity to discuss in groups the different ways in which you can help build community, share knowledge, and grow RISC-V.

If You Need a Place to Start

New to RISC-V? Check out RISC-V 101 on Monday, November 6th from 9am to noon PT, where members from the ecosystem provide an introduction on RISC-V, make the business case for RISC-V, and share how to get more involved. This session is free and open to anyone to attend.

A big thank you to our diamond sponsors Alibaba T-head, Andes, Codasip, Imperas, Microchip, and Ventana, and our platinum sponsor OpenHW Group.

Register Now

What are you waiting for? Register now to learn more about RISC-V, hear how innovations on RISC-V are changing markets, network and make new connections with the growing RISC-V ecosystem!

We look forward to seeing you there.

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