Revopoint's POP 2 3D Scanner Offers a Claimed 0.004" Accuracy — But Launches at a Higher Price

Company boasts of 0.1mm (around 0.004") accuracy and a 20×20×20mm (around 0.79×0.79×0.79") minimum scan volume.

3D scanning specialist Revopoint has launched a crowdfunding campaign for its next-generation POP scanner, unsurprisingly dubbed POP 2, which the company claims offers a 0.1mm (around 0.004") accuracy in a portable and lightweight chassis.

Last year, we launched the first generation of POP 3D Scanner on Kickstarter and gained huge success," Revopoint's Huanhuan Li writes. "After fulfilling all rewards and collecting feedback from our users, obviously, we know you love it! Now, we are excited to introduce you to POP 2, the upgraded feature-rich version of POP 3D Scanner that has higher precision, smoother operation, better color effect, etc. POP 2 can help you easily capture the 3D model for 3D printing, 3D design, VR/AR 3D modeling, reverse engineering and measurement, etc."

Revopoint is back on Kickstarter with a revamped 3D scanner, the POP 2, and makes bold quality claims. (📹: Revopoint)

The original POP, a small dual-camera depth sensing system with active infrared projection, offered up to 0.3mm (around 0.012") accuracy with a minimum scan volume of 50×50×50mm (around 1.97×1.97x1.97"). Its successor, the company claims, improves this to 0.1mm (around 0.004") accuracy and a 20×20×20mm (around 0.79×0.79×0.79") minimum scan volume.

The improvements have, however, increased the cost of the device. The original POP sold for $299 during the company's crowdfunding campaign, a claimed 40 per cent discount off the $499 retail price; this time around the cheapest physical tier is $399, a 43 per cent discount on a claimed planned retail price of $699 — and when the first 1,000 units are gone, the price rises to $524.

Li is confident it's worth the cash, though. "The hardware upgrade of POP 2 enables the scanning frame rate to reach 10 frames [per second]," he claims, up from the original's eight FPS.

"At the same time, it is equipped with an embedded 6 Dof Gyroscope to help faster and more accurate spatial position, reduce stitching errors, improve the smoothness of scanning, and make the scanning process simpler and faster. In a nutshell, it enhances its operational flow and shape, marker point, and color feature point cloud stitching."

The campaign, which includes software compatible with 64-bit Windows 10, macOS, Android, and iOS operating systems, is now live on Kickstarter with rewards scheduled for delivery in February 2022.

Would-be backers, however, are advised to read the comments on the original campaign, where complaints have been raised about software glitches, reliability and scan quality issues, the lack of promised support for iPhone scanning via a wired cable, and backers who are still waiting on the delivery of overdue physical rewards.

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