pxlBlck Is a Sleek and Unobtrusive Smart Home Display System

A multifunctional home display and optical notification system for everyone.

Smart devices, like Alexa and Google Home, are now common household items. But these smart assistants have their limitations. On top of this, they’re loud and ugly, to some. pxlBlck is a new notification display system for the smart home that aims to blend into living spaces without drawing too much attention. Or, perhaps more attention.

The system, available in several different styles, reveals information using icons, scrolling text, and tones. It can not only show social media updates, it can also let you know if the doorbell rings and display call notifications for both mobile and landlines. Moreover, pxlBlck enables people with hearing impairments to visually see their notifications even if they’re away from their phones.

pxlBlck’s software is based on an ESPEasy plugin that can be automated without requiring external automation software. The information is shown on an LED matrix and can display different animations as well. The system also supports various matrices, including 10x10, 32x8, and 1x60. With additional sensors, pxlBlck can measure environmental data, forward these readings via WiFi, and react to the measurements accordingly.

pxlBlck supports several platforms, including:

  • pxlBlck_Pot – a 32x8 LED matrix built into a 3D-printed planter
  • pxlBlck_8x8 – an 8x8 LED matrix that doesn’t take up much space
  • pxlBlck_SlotClock – a 1x60 matrix inserted into a 3D-printed base and covered with plexiglass making it look like a clock
  • pxlBLck_RingClock – similar to the SlotClock, but is built into a ring rather than a disc
  • pxlBlck_PipeLamp – a 12x8 LED matrix installed in a plexiglass tube, which displays various animations and dials

Want to build your own pxlBlck? More details can be found here.

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