PowerEver Keeps Your Generic Power Bank Running Non-Stop

This tiny board that will keep your commercial power bank running while minimizing self-drained current.

Cabe Atwell
a year agoProductivity

Dang, another idea I was working on already out there. Don’t you hate when that happens? Anyway…

It’s not uncommon for smartphone users to have a power bank in their arsenal. It’s a great way to ensure your phone stays charged after hours of scrolling through Instagram. But just like your phone, your power bank also needs to be charged and depending on the make and model, you may find it doesn’t provide enough battery life for your needs. PowerEver is a device that keeps your power bank running non-stop.

This is where the idea shines. For powering projects! PowerEver is a small electronic board that’s adjustable and compatible with nearly all commercial power banks. It’s designed to consume a self-drained current as low as possible and is small enough to fit into your wallet. It’s fully open sourced with its schematics and source code available on GitHub for any changes you need to make.

The board is equipped with an ATtiny13A running 1.2 MHz at 5V microcontroller, has an LED display for visual feedback, and is made to use standard power banks as a regular DC 5V power supply for powering various gadgets, such as an Arduino or ESP8266. There’s even an optional USB-A male to 5-pin screw terminal connector.

PowerEver is currently on CrowdSupply, where you can pick one up for $19. Otherwise, you can find its schematics and code on GitHub to create your own version.

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