pISO Is a Super Flash Drive Built on Raspberry Pi Zero

It’s the Last Flash Drive You’ll Ever Need to Buy!

Cameron Coward
4 years ago

Even in today’s world of cloud storage and diverse data transfer methods, physical data storage and transfer remains incredibly common. For most of us, that means carrying around a USB flash drive with important and commonly used files. That should be straightforward, but because different operating systems use different file systems, it often means you’re stuck repeatedly reformatting your flash drive as you move from one computer to another.

pISO can solve that problem forever, because it’s a flash drive that is also a Raspberry Pi Zero that handles file storage for you. It’s a hat that turns your Pi Zero into a series of mountable virtual drives that are compatible with whatever file system you’re using. With updates, it should also be compatible with whatever file system you may eventually use, making it future proof.

Storage capacity is only limited by the size of your SD card (minus about 100MB for the pISO OS), so it’s always upgradable. In addition to simple storage, it can also emulate a CD drive for your bootable ISO images. Just load it up with all of your ISO images, then select which image you want bootable and pISO will take care of the rest for you.

The Kickstarter campaign for pISO is running until April 13th. You can get a single unit for $27, or two for $50. That’s just for the pISO hat itself, so you’ll need to provide your own Raspberry Pi Zero (~$5). Rewards ship in July.

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