PINE64 Readies the Star64, Ox64, and PineBuds Pro for a December Launch

Production delays have seen launches slip to December, but the company's latest RISC-V devices are nearly here at last.

Gareth Halfacree
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PINE64 has announced that its eagerly-awaited Star64 single-board computer, embedded Ox64 RISC-V development platform, and PineBuds Pro Bluetooth noise-cancelling earphones are just around the corner — with availability expected in December this year.

The Star64 was unveiled back in July as a single-board computer powered by StarFive's revised quad-core RISC-V JH7110 system-on-chip — the first from the company to include a graphics processing unit, courtesy of Imagination Technologies. By August PINE64 was confident the board would launch "in weeks" — but a few delays mean the device has only now entered mass production.

It's going to be a busy December for PINE64, as three of its most exciting products launch. (📹: PINE64)

"We initially hoped to have Star64 available today but some last minute production issues have pushed the release date back to next month," PINE64's Lukasz Erecinski explains. "On launch, the Star64 will be available in two hardware configurations – with 4GB and 8GB of RAM for $69.95 and $89.95 respectively. There will be competent software on launch as a good starting-point for developers and early adopters. I am not really in the position to make announcements for other projects but you can expect to hear declarations of software support for the Star64 coming soon."

At the same time, Erecinski confirmed that the Ox64 — another Linux-capable RISC-V board targeting the microcontroller end of the market — will be launching very soon, potentially even this month. "The Ox64 is a tiny RISC-V single board computer with 64MB of RAM capable of running either Linux or RTOS [Real-Time Operating System] – it can effectively be used as either a microcontroller or a tiny PC," Erecinski recaps. "At the core of the board you’ll find a [Bouffalo Labs] BL808 SoC with three cores – a 64-bit RISC-V core, a 32-bit RISC-V core and a low power RISC-V core. It will be available in two hardware configurations, the first of which has 16Mb flash and no microSD socket and the latter 128Mb and takes microSD cards, which can be either used for storage or to boot a Linux OS."

The company is currently aiming for a November 25 release for the Ox64, with the proviso that pandemic-related issues rearing their heads in China may push shipping into December alongside the Star64, with the two models launching at $6 and $8 respectively — and the more expensive version being recommended for those looking to experiment with Linux on the device, owing to the larger flash storage and microSD slot.

Finally, Erecinski announced that the PineBuds Pro — open-source noise-cancelling Bluetooth in-ear headphones based on the company's PineSound development platform — will launch on December 2, after their unveiling back in April, at a price of $69 a pair. "The default sound signature has been tuned for those users who are not interested in tinkering with their units or in custom firmware, and from what I hear their default sound signature is really pleasant," Erecinski claims. "I believe that the PineBuds Pro has a good chance of becoming a device similar to the Pinecil and PineTime in terms of their scope within the community – they will work well out of the box and offer an easily-accessible playground for those who wish to dig deeper."

More details are available in Erecinski's community update post.

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