PeeNaPle Board Brings the Teensy 4.1 to Marlin 3D Printing, Pick-and-Place, and CNC Projects

Open-hardware breakout board takes advantage of the recently-merged port of popular firmware Marlin to the Teensy 4.1.

Gareth Halfacree
8 days ago3D Printing / Robotics

Popular open source 3D printer and other CNC-project firmware Marlin is now available on the powerful Teensy 4.1 board — and a self-styled "CrazzyFrenchDude" is preparing a breakout board for that very purpose: the PeeNaPle.

"PeeNaPle is a modular controller BoB [breakout board] for Teensy 4.1. It is designed with Pick and place machines using Open PnP software in mind, but is also 3D printing, CNC, and other Cartesian machines oriented, thanks to an extension and adapter daughter boards eco-system being developed," CrazzyFrenchDude explains of his project, which was brought to our attention by CNX Software. "It is built upon a 6 layer PCB, offering stability an immunity to EMF and electric noises."

"It natively offers 8 stepper outputs, 4 End_Stops, UEXT port, extension port, USB_HOST, Ethernet PHY. and CAN_FD. Among the adaptors and extensions being developed you can find a stepper driver adapter to use your favorite TMC2208/09 or else as well as a powerful driver with closed loop so you never miss a step, capable of handling not less than 10A, just to name those 2! Tolerance of up to 35V Max Power In and offers 12V, 5V 3A DCDC, and 3.3V 1A for your convenience. Which are available on the extension ports so you do not need complicated wiring!"

Teensy 4.1 support was only submitted to the Marlin project in September this year, porting the firmware to the more powerful microcontroller board. Although support was initially planned for the Teensy 4.0 as well, this was abandoned owing to a lack of pins compared to the Teensy 4.1.

CrazzyFrenchDude has placed the board files for the PeeNaPle on GitLab under the BSD three-clause license, and has indicated boards will be available for sale in the near future. In the meantime, he has promised to give away ten boards to interested parties via his Instagram social network feed, with details on how to enter available on the Marlin GitHub pull request.

Gareth Halfacree
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