OtterCast Looks to Launch OtterCastAmp Driven by a Sochip S3 SoC

The OtterCastAmp is designed as a Sonos amp replacement and features an LCD that can be used with Spotify, Snapcast, AirPlay, and more.

Cabe Atwell
3 years agoMusic

A little over a month ago, the OtterCast team of Niklas Fauth, Jana Marie Hemsing, Toble Miner and Tobias Mädel launched their open source OtterCastAudioV2 circular audio-streaming dongle, which packs an Allwinner S3 SoC with an Arm Cortex-A7 processor and 128 Mb of DDR3 RAM. The disc supports synchronized multiroom audio, standalone Spotify streaming and features an Ethernet port and a line-in port for redirecting audio from mobile devices. It can be used with most audio-streaming platforms, including Spotify, AirPlay, SnapCast, and more.

OtterCast is now set to release its OtterCastAmp, equipped with most of the same specs as its predecessor like a Sochip S3 SoC (Allwinner S3), and supports the same audio-streaming applications. The chassis has been redesigned and includes a vibrant 800x340 LCD that displays cover art and audio information when streaming. As its name states, the OtterCastAmp is a full-fledged Class D amplifier capable of driving up to 120 W of power across four channels. It also sports an Ethernet port, SD slot, USB port (power) and speaker/subwoofer connectors in the rear.

Custom DSP settings can be configured, and built-in Wi-Fi allows users to stream audio to just about anything with a wireless connection. The OtterCastAmp is still in the design/prototype phase, but the team plans a small production run in the coming weeks or months.

For those who can’t wait, OtterCast has provided the necessary information on GitHub to build the amp in its current form.

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