Orbbec Launches Long-Range AI-Packing Gemini 2 XL Depth Camera for Robotics and More

Bundled with an OBox driving system — or NVIDIA Jetson Orin SOM for ODM customers — the Gemini 2 XL is Orbbec's longest-range camera yet.

(UPDATE 1/8/2024): As the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opens its doors for 2024, Orbbec has confirmed pricing for its new Gemini 2 XL AI-equipped depth-sensing camera system: $419.99 for the base model, or $479.99 with Power over Ethernet (PoE) support.

Currently being demonstrated at CES 2024, the Gemini 2 XL uses embedded machine learning capabilities, running on the bundled OBox Computing Module, to improve performance in a wide range of lighting conditions and to deliver depth data for even small objects and over distances up to 20m (around 66 feet).

The Gemini 2 XL Is now available to order on the Orbecc store, with the PoE-equipped version on a dedicated product page.

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3D vision specialist Orbbec has announced the launch of a new depth-sensing camera with embedded artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, targeting the "primary visual system" of robots, surveillance, and human-machine interaction systems: the Gemini 2 XL.

"We are excited to demonstrate the superior capabilities of Gemini 2 XL at this year's Consumer Electronics Show [CES]," Orbbec co-founder and head of products David Chen says of the company's latest launch, which will be demonstrated at the show this week. "As Orbbec's learning library continues to expand, the camera's capabilities will continue to improve, broadening its applicability in robotics and AI-based vision solutions."

The Gemini 2 XL is Orbbec's first camera design to target long-range depth sensing — out as far as 20 meters (around 66 feet), while still returning depth data for objects as close as 40cm (around 15.7 inches). The company claims it excels in projects which require observation and tracking of small objects and operation in high-reflectivity environments, using an on-board deep learning workflow which generates a phase map around smaller objects — avoiding, the company says, issues with shadows, speckles, and more.

The same algorithm is behind Orbbec's claims of improved operation in a broad range of lighting conditions, from direct sunlight and outdoor environments to very dark environments, delivering a complete phase map output with no missing depth areas.

This is all, the company says, delivered without an additional vision processor in the mix — though for original design manufacturer (ODM) customers there will be the option to retrain the model with a custom data set, or to swap out the company's in-house OBox driving system for an NVIDIA Jetson Orin system-on-module.

Orbbec has not yet announced pricing for the Gemini 2 XL, which is on display at the company's CES booth in the Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center (LVCC), North Hall, #9745 next week; interested parties are invited to get in touch with the company for more information.

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