Open Makers Cube Is the Antidote to That Rat's Nest on Your Workbench

If work bench clutter is a problem for you, Open Makers Cube looks like a great solution.

Cameron Coward
2 months ago3D Printing

Making is a great hobby, but it does come with one very noticeable downside: the mess. If you’re lucky, you have a dedicated desk or workbench for your projects, otherwise you’re likely stuck covering your dining room table in piles of electronic components. In either case, that clutter can cause quite the headache. Storage shelves, boxes, and bins can help you keep your parts organized, but that doesn’t help with the project parts you’re currently working on. Fortunately Open Makers Cube can, and could keep you — and anyone you live with — sane.

Open Makers Cube was created specifically to keep your projects organized. Instead of covering an entire table in electronic components connected together with a rat’s nest of wires, you can keep everything contained to one small, portable contraption. Open Makers Cube also has provisions for a number of different attachments that further reduce the clutter on your workbench. For example, you can mount an LED-lit magnifying glass to one of four positions on the top of Open Makers Cube. If you’re having dinner guests over for the evening, you can simply pick it up and stash your entire project in a closet.

This design is, of course, easy to build yourself at home. The frame is made from simple aluminum square tube with a series of M3 threaded rivet inserts that act as mounting points. I feel like T-slot aluminum extrusion might have been a better option, as it offers more flexibility and doesn’t require a rivet gun, and you could always go that route if you agree. The square tubes are connected together with 3D-printed joints. Horizontal DIN rails give you a place to attach the modules. Those include breadboard holders, alligator clips, and mounts for Arduino boards, Raspberry Pi computers, and more. A power strip in the interior of the Open Makers Cube gives you a convenient place to plug in your power supplies, and a tray on top can be loaded up with screws and other loose parts. If work bench clutter is a problem for you, Open Makers Cube looks like a great solution.

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