Omega2 is a $5 IoT Computer That Runs Linux

Last year, our friends at Onion launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for the the Omega — an Arduino-compatible, Wi-Fi-enabled dev…

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Last year, our friends at Onion launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for the the Omega — an Arduino-compatible, Wi-Fi-enabled dev platform that runs Linux. Now, the startup has returned to the crowdfunding site with the next-generation of its board, aptly named the Omega2.

Following in the footsteps of its earlier model, the Omega2 has already soared right past its initial goal, and rightfully so. The platform is super simple, and better yet, super affordable starting at just $5.

With the Omega2, we want to lower the barrier of entry, and allow everyone to take the leap into hardware development.

You’ll notice that the Omega2 shares the same form-factor as the original module — less than 1/4 the size of the Raspberry Pi and 1/3 of the Arduino Uno, the compact board can be seamlessly implemented into any DIY project or commercial product.

To no surprise, the Omega2 features Wi-Fi and onboard Flash storage; meaning, you won’t have to worry about buying wireless dongles or installing operating system images onto external SD cards — it springs to life the moment you power it on!

The Omega2 is a full computer running Linux and can be used like any desktop PC to run apps, too. Not only has the Onion team unveiled an app store, but more experienced Makers and developers are encouraged to build their own apps with its SDK.

An important benefit of running Linux is that the Omega2 can be programmed with whatever language you want. Save time by using languages and libraries you are already familiar with.

The Omega2 is integrated with Onion Cloud. This lets you remotely control the board from anywhere in the world with Onion’s intuitive Web UI or RESTful APIs. Plus, you can view the status of your Omega2 in real-time, and deploy software updates to it when it is in the field.

What’s more, the Omega2 is plug-and-play, which allows you to easily throw on new capabilities and connectivity options such as Bluetooth, Ethernet, cellular, and GPS to your projects. These accessories include an Expansion Dock, a Mini Dock, a Power Dock, an Arduino Dock, as well as a relay, OLED and PWM add-ons. Onion has even teamed with third-parties like Hologram and ControlEverything.

The Omega2 comes in two models. For demanding projects, Onion has created the Omega2 Plus, which uses the same chipset as its sibling, but boasts double the memory, as well as a microSD card slot for extra storage.

See some Omega projects on Hackster today and when you get your Omega2, post it here! Until then, head over to its Kickstarter page and get yours.

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