MyndPlay Aims to Offer "Generation Jedi" Telekinetic Powers with Its MyndHub EEG Integration Box

Designed to sit between a wearable EEG sensor and external devices, the MyndHub powers coding-free neurofeedback projects.

Gareth Halfacree
11 days agoWearables / Sensors

UK-based tech firm MyndPlay is aiming to bring "true telekinesis technology" to "generation Jedi" — which is to say, the company is launching an electroencephalogram (EEG) wearable paired with a hardware interface unit designed to drive external devices.

"Your brain is your superpower and we are here to help you harness it," claims MydnPlay's Aurooj Azam. "Whether you are looking to combat burnout, improve your mental health or train your focus to perform like you never have before MyndHub is the most advanced and yet easiest to use neurofeedback system ever created."

MyndPlay is hoping to inspire "generation Jedi" with its connectable EEG hub. (📹: MyndPlay)

At its heart, the company's MyndBand is a simple EEG wearable which straps to the user's head to monitor brain activity; it's the MyndHub to which the wearable connects which offers something special. In addition to an on-screen display that reads out the user's levels of "focus" and "calm," the gadget includes four key outputs: a 5V USB port, a 12V relay, a variable 12V power supply, and an output which reverse polarity between -12V and +12V.

Each of these outputs, MyndPlay explains, is under mental control — in the case of the relay a simple on/off toggle depending on the user's level of focus or calm, and in the other cases with the option to scale from 0V to its maximum output.

"Whether you want to cool yourself off with a desk fan, power a battery operated device, or change a light color with your mood," Azam claims, "all you need to do is plug them in and let your brain do the rest! MyndHub can be connected to any device to allow for miles of experimentation with your mind powers of focus and meditation."

The company claims its device makes neurofeedback accessible to anyone, with no coding required. (📹: MyndPlay)

MyndPlay's hardware also links to its MyndHub smartphone app, offering the ability to record data for further analysis, trigger MQTT messages, or to integrate with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant platform — "meaning," Azam boasts, "you can make your smart home mind powered!"

The company is crowdfunding on Kickstarter now, with physical rewards starting at £175 for the MyndHub alone or £275 with a bundled MyndBand EEG headset (around $216 and $339 respectively) — a claimed 50 per cent saving over the hardware's eventual retail price.

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