MYIR Launches STMicro STM32MP1-Based System-on-Module at $29, Dev Board at $65

Based on the STM32MP1, MYIR's SOM includes two Arm Cortex-A7 cores running at up to 650MHz and a Cortex-M4 core running at up to 209MHz.

Shenzhen-based MYIR (Make Your Idea Real) has announced the launch of a $29 system-on-module (SOM) featuring STMicroelectronics' STM32MP1 — offering two Arm Cortex-A7 cores running at up to 650MHz alongside a Cortex-M4 core running at up to 209MHz.

First spotted by CNX Software, the new MYC-YA157C CPU Module SOM design combines STMicro's STM32MP157AAC3 processor with the STPMIC1 power-management integrated circuit (PMIC), 512MB of DDR3 memory, 4GB of eMMC storage, and a gigabit Ethernet PHY. The module's various features are brought out on 1mm-pitch castellated-hole pins around the edge, with 164 pins in total offering connectivity to GPIO and peripherals.

To get users started, MYIR is also launching a development board dubbed the MYD-YA157C which accepts the MYC-YA157C and provides an all-in-one development platform with gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, MIPI DSI and CSI, RGB LCD, JTAG, RS232, RS485, and CAN bus connectivity, along with the option of 12V or USB Type-C power inputs plus a microSD slot for additional storage.

The SOM is designed to run MIYR's MEasy-HMI operating system, derived from Yocto Linux 2.6 and based on the Linux 4.19.9 kernel — though, the company claims, is also capable of running Yocto 2.6 or Ubuntu 18.04, as well as the MYIR MEasy-IOT operating system.

MYIR has launched the module at $29, with the development board priced at $65. More information is available from the company's official announcement.

Gareth Halfacree
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