MicroDev's microS2 Packs an ESP32-S2 Microcontroller Into a Tiny Module-Size Form Factor

Breaking out all available pins, the microS2 packs a lot of power into a very small footprint.

Gareth Halfacree
7 months agoInternet of Things

Indian electronics specialist microDev has launched an ultra-compact development board built around the ESP32-S2: the microS2, measuring little larger than Espressif's own module variants.

"Introducing the microS2 — an ESP32-S2 based development board in the size of an ESP32 module," the company writes of its creation. "The microS2 by microDev is an electronics development board. It features the ESP32-S2 MCU by Espressif Systems. This board is capable of Wi-Fi based communication with the outside world. It's compatible with CircuitPython, Arduino, ESP-IDF."

The compact development board includes a 32-bit single-core processor running at 240MHz, plus a RISC-V-based ultra-low-power coprocessor, 16MB of SPI flash, 8MB of additional pseudostatic RAM (PSRAM) on board, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi with a high-gain chip antenna, a blue LED, a NeoPixel RGB LED, and a USB micro-B connector for power and data.

Additional hardware can be connected to the board via a QWIIC and STEMMA QT compatible I2C header, or via the two rows of 2.54mm pin headers — which, the company notes, expose all the pins available on the ESP32-S2 microcontroller itself.

MicroDev is selling the microS2 via Tindie, priced at $19.99. A pinout diagram is available on GitHub.

Gareth Halfacree
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