Luxonis Unveils OAK-D IoT, OAK-1-Lite, and OAK-D Series 2 Smart Cameras — and Opens Beta Orders

Trio of new cameras include a single-sensor model, next-generation passive depth camera, and an all-in-one gadget with microphone array.

Computer vision specialist Luxonis has unveiled new entries in the OAK line of edge AI smart camera systems, including an OAK-D IoT for the Internet of Things and an OAK-D Series 2, which is smaller and lighter than its predecessor.

Luxonis, working with OpenCV, launched a crowdfunding campaign for the OAK-1 and OAK-D smart camera gadgets last year, raising nearly $1.4 million in pre-orders, an followed up with the smaller and lower-cost OAK-D-LITE two months ago. The companies haven't been resting on their laurels, though: Last month Luxonis unveiled the OAK-D Pro with active depth sensing and the OAK-D Pro-PoE with Power-over-Ethernet support.

Three impending products is a lot, but Luxonis hasn't stopped: The company has since announced the OAK-1-Lite, OAK-D IoT, and the OAK-D Series 2 — the latter bringing some of the improvements seen with the OAK-D-LITE to the higher-specification OAK-D platform, including a smaller footprint and improved cooling. According to details released by Luxonis, the OAK-D Series 2 will be only marginally larger than the OAK-D-LITE and will be based on the OAK-D-Pro platform — but without the active illumination functionality.

The OAK-1-Lite, meanwhile, is the successor to the original OAK-1: A device which offers on-board computer vision capabilities, but with a single sensor and no support for depth perception. The OAK-1-Lite is built around the Sony IMX214 image sensor and includes a 4208×3120 resolution, 8cm-infinity focus range, and a 81.3 degree field of vision. The on-board computer, meanwhile, is said to offer 4k video encoding in hardware and a neural network and computer vision coprocessor with 4 TOPS of performance.

Finally, the OAK-D IoT takes the OAK-D depth-sensing platform and packages it as an all-in-one embedded gadget for the Internet of Things. This latest design, Luxonis has revealed, includes a custom enclosure with passive cooling, triple-sensor passive depth sensing, an array of six on-board microphones, a built-in speaker, 16GB eMMC storage, and microSD support for storage expansion up to 1TB.

Luxonis has begun taking pre-orders for beta units of the OAK-D Series 2 and OAK-1-Lite at $199 and $99 respectively, but has not confirmed pricing for the OAK-D IoT — nor has Luxonis or OpenCV confirmed when crowdfunding will open for the new models.

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