LoDev S76S Is an STM32 LoRa-Based Development Platform for the IoT

Ronoth’s LoDev S76S features an STM32L073 MCU, a receiver sensitivity down to -146dBm, and adjustable signal strength of up to +20dBm.

Cabe Atwell
3 years ago

Now live on GroupGets, Ronoth’s LoDev LoRa development board is designed around AcSIP’s LoRaWAN S76S SiP and created for IoT applications where low-power and long-range data transmission are a factor. The board packs RF matching components in a compact 11mm x 13mm form factor and comes with FCC modular certification.

“LoDev is open source and made by a hardware enthusiast for hardware enthusiasts," the Ronoth team explains. "It is breadboard friendly and comes with a ton of software examples to get you started. It was built with the Mbed IDE and community in mind, but will work with any IDE supporting Arm Cortex.”

Under the hood, the LoDev packs AcSIP’s S76S SiP with integrated STM322L073 Arm Cortex-M0 MCU, plus a built-in Semtech SX1276 LoRa radio module rolling at 48MHz. The module has a receiver sensitivity down to -146dBm, an adjustable signal strength of up to +20dBm, and a range of up to 15km in rural areas, and 5km in urban areas. The board also features a micro USB port, reset button, and SMA connector for an external antenna.

On the software side, the LoDev S76S can take advantage of any IDE that supports the Arm Cortex architecture, as well as Mbed IDE, which provides an OS, cloud services and tools for IoT applications.

Ronoth's LoDev S76S can be had for $33.99 on GroupGets, which gets you the board, a pair of headers, and a 2dBi antenna.

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