LightningATM Distributes Small Amounts of BTC Over the Lightning Network

Imagine having your own bitcoin ATM machine that could convert your pocket change into BTC in just a few seconds.

Cabe Atwell
8 months agoInternet of Things

Imagine having your own Bitcoin ATM machine that could convert your pocket change into BTC in just a few seconds. Well wonder no more, as its now possible thanks to 21isenough’s LightningATM, which is designed to turn pocket change into BTC utilizing the Lightning Network and it does so in real-time.

“A physical coin exchanged into Bitcoin and sent to your lightning wallet in seconds. Use this project to educate your family and friends or guests at your Bitcoin meetup - a convenient and easy on-boarding process for people that are new to Bitcoin.”

On the hardware front, the LightningATM features a Raspberry Pi Zero WH, 16Gb SD card, PaPiRus Zero ePaper/eInk Screen, and Pi Zero camera. It also packs a coin acceptor (616), push-button, a host of connection cables, and a power supply.

The LightningATM functions by inserting coins into the coin acceptor, and then pushing the button, which starts the exchange process. The user then generates a QR code on a smartphone and then places it near the camera where it’s scanned, generating a Lightning invoice and converting the money into Bitcoins. 21isenough chose to go with the open-source cryptocurrency payment processor BtcpayServer and Lightning LND as a backend to pay invoices via the REST API.

21isenough has uploaded a parts list and code to his GitHub page for those who would like to recreate his LightningATM, however it's important to note that the project is still under development. 21isenough does state that he’s also creating a comprehensive guide on how to set up the LightningATM, and those with questions can message him on Twitter.

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