Lightform Enables Augmented Reality Without the Glasses

When you hear the term “augmented reality” or “virtual reality,” what is generally meant is wearing some sort of glasses or headset to give the user more information about his or her environment. But, what if the environment itself was able to display extra information or even artistic flair?

That’s the idea behind Lightform, a company developing the first computer made for projected AR. This device uses advanced computer vision to scan a room, then casts light onto varied surfaces with any video projector.

The technology is inspired by a Disney demo that, though incredible, cost millions of dollars. Lightform’s founder and CEO Brett Jones would like to see this technology everywhere — from film and art, to retail and education, to home entertainment and seasonal decor.

Check out the video below to see some of Lightform’s capabilities in a beautiful art installation, and read more about the incredible system in Co.Design’s article here.

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