Join "Hangout & Nerdout" Ep. 2 at Impact Summit on October 11th

Nerdout with us at Hackster's Impact Summit on the topic of #sustainability and #tech4good.

Jinger Zeng
4 months agoSustainability

“Hangout & Nerdout” is a community virtual meetup series co-produced by Hackster and Make:. This series brings members of both communities together to support technology, innovation, and education.

The first episode debuted on August 31st where we geeked out on #wearables.

The second episode is coming as part of Hackster's Impact Summit, and the topic is #sustainability and #tech4good.

Meet our amazing guest nerds lineup

Olya Irzak is the CEO of Frost Methane, a company that installs highly efficient flares to destroy concentrated sources of methane, turning waste greenhouse gases into value for landowners. Frost Methane exists to identify, monitor, and flare concentrated methane seeps from active and abandoned coal mines, Arctic permafrost, and other geologic sources worldwide. The project is building a global network of self-sustaining devices to reduce methane emissions. Irzak is also the co-founder of the Diamond List, a curated annual list of early-stage and game-changing climate companies recommended by top climate investors. She is passionate about emission reduction technologies in the grid, agriculture, transportation, non-electrified industrial processes, natural emissions, etc.

Alvaro Prieto is an electrical and firmware engineer who loves cheese! As the principal embedded software engineer of Sofar Ocean Technologies, he will be discussing how their network of ocean buoys delivers real-time ocean intelligence to collect, network, and distribute vast amounts of ocean data, then combined with vessel performance dynamics to achieve optimized voyage, thus helping logistics companies meet emissions reduction objectives.

Raunak Singh is a 9th Grader studying in Bergen County Academies (BCA) Hackensack at the Academy of Engineering & Design Technology (AEDT). He will be presenting his project "MonSand: Monitoring Illegal Sand Mining". Illegal sand mining from riverbeds is akin to chronic disease in some countries. Pumping sand from riverbeds for decades causes turbulent currents and river bank corrosion. Villagers have lost their homes and farmlands from the resulting flash floods. Detecting illegal sand mining with the aid of AI, and capturing visual and audio evidence of illegal sand mining helps equip concerned citizens and environmental activists who want to bring about change. Check out “Monsand” project here. We are very excited to feature one of our rising stars of the community on our Nerdout show. Raunak is skilled in both software & hardware development, with an interest in C++, Java, and embedded technologies. He is an advanced violinist and part of his school orchestra. He loves to do gardening with his family, take care of his pets, and watch and feed other animals.

For future episode line-ups , visit the series site here and stay updated!!

Jinger Zeng
Contest Manager @Hackster. Ex-hardware startup founder & community manager 🤖. I 💗 talking to humans and robots.
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