Inkplate 10 Is a New, Easy-to-Use ePaper Display

Built on ESP32 and programmable with Arduino IDE or MicroPython, this device is perfect for e-reading, task tracking, and art displaying.

Cabe Atwell
4 months agoDisplays

The creators of Inkplate 6 are back with an upgraded version of their popular ePaper display, Inkplate 10. Built from an old Kindle reader, the versatile device has a 9.7" screen and is equipped with a Wi-Fi-enabled ESP32 microcontroller. It’s also programmable with Arduino IDE or MicroPython. To use it, all you do is plug in a USB cable, open Arduino IDE, and change the display by changing the code.

Some of Inkplate 10’s features include an extremely low-energy battery that can work for weeks or even months off a single charge, three capacitive touchpads, an on-board RTC, a microSD card reader that allows Inkplate 10 to pull images for display, and a form factor optimized for custom enclosures.

Inkplate 10 can be used for various applications — as a calendar, temperature, weather and air quality data monitor; a collaborative task tracker where you can maintain shared lists of chores, groceries, or anything else you need to remember; a minimalist ePaper typewriter; an open hardware e-reader; and a display for showing off art or pictures.

The project is currently in the works and will launch at a later date. To learn more about Inkplate 10 and receive updates, check out its Crowd Supply page.

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