Ingenext's Boost 50 Upgrades Tesla Performance by 50 Horsepower

This module plugs into Tesla's MCU and provides an automatic boost in horsepower, along with the option of entering "drift mode."

Cabe Atwell
a month agoSensors

An upstart company in Canada managed to figure out a way to provide the same performance upgrades that Tesla offers for some of its vehicles by hacking the company's software. Tesla's latest offering costs $2K "Acceleration Boost" to upgrade the Model 3 Dual Motor, giving the vehicle a 50-horsepower jolt in the powertrain, enabling it to go from 0 to 60mph in 4.4 seconds. Ingenext's Boost 50 can do the same thing; only it does so at a reduced cost of $1,100.

According to Ingenext, the Boost 50 is easy to install on the Model 3 Dual Motor by plugging the module into the vehicle's MCU (located underneath the front passenger seat), which automatically provides the 50 horsepower increase. It also allows access to a web browser (accessed via smartphone, tablet, laptop) that provides a "drift mode" option, which disables traction control but maintains ABS and power steering. It even lets users monitor power consumption, battery levels, temps, and automatic driver's door opening on approach.

The Boost 50 module communicates with the vehicle via Wi-Fi, and users can make adjustments to the program to restore functions affected by Tesla's vehicle updates. Ingenext explains that users will still have access to Tesla's firmware updates, as well as updates from the company as they roll out. It's important to note that the installation of the Boost 50 could (and probably will) void the manufacturer's warranty, but the device is undetectable remotely.

That said, Ingenext states, "However, when visiting a Service Center or when a technician visits your home, it is recommended that you remove the device beforehand. Installation and removal takes only a few minutes. Any purchaser or user of the Boost 50 module releases Technologies Ingenext and all its related companies from any responsibility regarding the full or partial validity of the manufacturer's warranty following the use of this equipment."

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