Helgi W's Custom-Printed Non-Destructive Bracket Adds a Foldable Screen to the Raspberry Pi 400

Requiring no hardware modification to the Raspberry Pi 400, this 3D-printed bracket turns it into a true all-in-one.

Maker Helgi W has turned the Raspberry Pi 400 into a true all-in-one with a wholly-reversible non-destructive add-on which fits a small TFT display on a custom-printed folding bracket — secured, smartly, to the Kensington locking slot.

The Raspberry Pi 400, launched late last year, is the first "consumer product" entry in the Raspberry Pi family. Putting a custom board built on Raspberry Pi 4 technology inside a keyboard, it's very nearly an all-in-one system — but for it lacks a display.

That's where Helgi's modification comes in. "A non-destructive 3d-printed mount for the Raspberry Pi 400," Helgi's description of the project reads. "Uses a single M3 screw to secure to the Pi 400 via the Kensington lock opening. It is hinged and can lay flat down on the keyboard."

"With the current design the full size HDMI connector is about a mm too tall so I can't lay the screen all the way to 180 degrees open. This screen is just a demo before I get the 7" one. I don't have a locking mechanism for the screen in the frame, so it's just taped in there for now."

Helgi has published the STL files and a bill of materials for the part to GitHub, under the GNU General Public License 3. "Note that the screen frame is TEMPORARY," Helgi advises for those looking to print their own, "and you can make one suitable for your needs. I will make a proper screen frame once I have my target display."

Gareth Halfacree
Freelance journalist, technical author, hacker, tinkerer, erstwhile sysadmin. For hire: freelance@halfacree.co.uk.
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