Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week Jan 19, 2018

A Cryptocurrency Ticker, a Lunchbox Arcade, a Self-Watering Planter, an Arduino Apple Watch, a Cellular-Connected Drone + More

Hackster Staff
2 years ago
Realtime Cryptocurrency Ticker / YouTube Subscriber Counter
Compact LED display unit that functions as cryptocurrency ticker and doubles as a realtime YouTube subscriber counter.
Mini Lunchbox Arcade!
Make a Raspberry Pi-powered lunchbox arcade system for all your retro gaming needs!
Arduino LIDAR
LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is an optical remote sensing system which can measure the distance of a target by illuminating it with light.
Arduino Apple Watch
Smartwatch that shows notifications from an iPhone and automatically synchronize the time.
Sprout: Modern Indoor Self Watering Planter
Sprout is a modern indoor planter, which automatically waters your plants, herbs, vegetables, etc. and will revolutionize your gardening game.
WiFi Location Tracking Using the TrackALL IoT Device
Using Sigfox or mcAir, track anything using the TrackALL’s WiFi location service!
6LowPAN Border Router
Build a 6LBR using a Raspberry Pi Zero and CC2650 LaunchPad.
Vorpal the Hexapod
A 3D-printed, open source, Arduino-based, Bluetooth-controlled, Scratch-programmable, six-legged robot built for games, education, and fun!
Self Actuating Programmable Switch
A switch that switches itself and reflects the state of devices if switched via other means (a.k.a. smartphones).
Automated Staircase RGB LED Lights
Create an awesome looking motion activated RGB lights for any staircase under $20!
Automatic Stair Lights
LED lights on the stairs that light the way to go.
Alexa NodeMCU Smart Home Automation With Your Own HUB
Make your own personal Smart Home HUB through which you can add, modify and control all the appliances you want.
NESPi Auto Variable Speed Fan and Shutdown Button
A simple Python script to monitor CPU temp and adjust the fan speed and another for the shutdown button.
A DIY Smart Insole to Check Your Pressure Distribution
The smart insole collects foot pressure data in real-time.
Cellular Connected Autonomous AR Drone 2.0
Put your drone on a longer leash executing programmed flight on a powered Pi Zero.
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