Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week Apr 19, 2019

Hackster Staff
6 months ago
TR10 — Smart Third Hand Assistant
Building a smart little assistant to help with my videos! Pronounced “Trio.”
Build a Linux Computer with No PCB — Dead Bug a C-SiP
With the OSD335x C-SiP, the Complete System-in-Package device, you can solder your own Linux computer with just a few resistors and wires.
Alpha V1
An open source Arduino base remote controller (transmitter) with many customization options for robots and drones.
Building Custom SDSoC Platform with PetaLinux
Add your own custom IP to SDSoC system and have it integrated with PetaLinux.
FoxyPI — Arduino Nano-Based Pulse Metal Detector
Pulse induction metal detector, built on the Arduino Nano.
Build Plant Observatory Using Azure IoT and Node.js
Demo of Plant Monitoring System using Azure IoT hub for transmission and Elasticsearch for indexing gathered data.
Garage Parking Assistant
Garage parking sensor using addressable RGB LEDs to provide feedback to vehicle driver as they approach and reach stop (park) position.
Modbus IoT Gateway
Read and write to multiple Modbus RTU slaves from the cloud through serial communication using WolkAbout IoT Platform.
A Better SD Library with RT-Thread
Do you need to have exFAT support? Use long filename? Open multiple files? Or read files with non-English characters? Then check this out!
Accio — Searching for Things Using Voice
Losing things is a part of life. Accio makes sure you always get back what you lose, via voice.
Spot Welder Controlled with an Arduino Nano
Showcasing our spot welder, which is controlled by an Arduino Nano.
Pi Hologram Machine
A Raspberry Pi-powered hologram machine.
3D-Printed Drogon with LED Eyes for Game of Thrones
Go into the final season of GOT with your very own 3D-printed dragon! The eyes change blue and red actively during the show!
Build .NET Core IoT for Raspberry Pi Linux & Azure IoT Hub
Learn how to build, deploy and debug with the new. NET Core IoT libraries open source project.
GPS LED Bike Speedometer
Speedometer that uses a GPS for speed sensing and an RGB LED to indicate speed to the user. Also features a blinking white light.
Arduino-Powered, Sensor-Controlled Fading LED Light Strips
Arduino with PIR used to offset, staggered fade-in 4 x LED light strips in our kitchen. With occupancy detection and forced on/off.
Bone Conduction Glasses
DIY design for making bone conduction glasses to listen to music.
An Arduino-based oscilloscope with advanced features and two channels.
Rocket Auto Abort System!
This system can do a number of things for your rocket!
Knock Knock Music Box
This simple music box starts playing when you knock on it.
Pattern Lock!
Make a secret pattern lock using an Arduino and a solenoid bolt.
Musician and Assistant Robotic Arm
A desktop-sized miniature robot arm capable of performing work accurately by mouse operation, serving tea, and playing music.
Automatic Call Answering Machine
Build an automated answering machine using an Arduino Uno, a Flyscale SIM 900 GSM module, and an ISD 1820 voice module.
Arduino MIDI Controller with Encoder + OLED Display
Unlimited MIDI channels, XY plotter, faders, buttons, settings also visual support with OLED display!
Drinking Reminder Water Bottle with AllThingsTalk
Do you often forget to drink water when you are busy? Seeed Studio’s drink reminder water bottle can help!
Death Star in Space
Let’s launch the Sol System’s first 10 cm fully operational and open source Death Star into space to celebrate Star Wars: Episode IX.
Raspberry Pi Robot-Tank with GPS
Robot-tank PiTanq now can use GPS to reach a point on a map!
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