Hackster Apps: End-To-End Hardware Creation in Your Browser

Taking the Hackster Vision to a New Level!

Hackster Staff
7 years ago

Over the last few years, we have helped close to 200,000 creators learn and share useful content across 90+ hardware platforms. Today, we’re upping the ante with a collection of software tools that enable our community to better design, prototype, and produce both Maker and enterprise-grade projects alike.

To accomplish this, we are partnering with circuito.io, Upverter, and a number of other web-based tools to introduce a streamlined hardware development workflow, all within Hackster — no downloads, no installations, no hassles! These intuitive, fully integrated platforms take the hard out of hardware by making the prototyping process easy, efficient, and expeditious.

First, circuito.io’s drag and drop software allows you to simply select components you’d like to use to build your device, and then generates a schematic complete with a step-by-step wire diagram and downloadable code example.

“Hackster is the leading platform for hardware collaboration and education, and its initiative to curate a toolbox for Makers and builders is an exciting opportunity for startups to meet its great community,” says Eyal Mehoudar, CEO of circuito.io. “We at circuito.io are trying to change the way developers start hardware projects and empower them with an AI electrical engineer. Therefore being a (first) tool in this toolbox fills us with pride and enthusiasm. We’re sure this collaboration is only a first seed in this electronic garden of knowledge!”

Next, Upverter is a full-featured, in-browser PCB tool that eliminates the tedious and repetitive tasks often associated with creating boards. Its responsive, collaborative environment lets you and your peers make edits on the same designs, automatically saving and updating them in real-time. Upverter’s schematic capture and PCB layout editors are always synced, reducing translational error and time, while its in-design search makes it easy to browse a library of over 1.4 million parts.

“Hackster Apps is brilliant. Community, projects, and now tools like Upverter — all sharing the same roof. I can’t wait to see all the amazing hardware thats going to be created,” says Zak Homuth, CEO of Upverter.

On our quest to revolutionize how Makers and developers build, connect and deploy hardware, expect to see more apps like Resin.io, Blynk, and Microsoft MakeCode added in coming weeks.

Until then, be sure to check out Hackster Apps here!

Hackster Staff
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