GrowCube Smart Watering Kit Makes Plant Ownership Simple and Worry-Free

Elecrow's GrowCube combines soil moisture sensor data with individual watering plans to give plants dedicated care.

Cabe Atwell
15 days agoSensors / Internet of Things

If you’ve ever tried your hand at growing potted plants, you’ve likely overwatered, underwatered, or left for vacation and came back to wilted leaves. Introducing smart tech to augment a green or not-so-green thumb could help reduce the worries and mishaps of caring for plants and keep your home fresher and brighter. Elecrow's GrowCube, which has a campaign currently on Kickstarter, uses four independent moisture sensors and app control to provide professional care for your plants.

Originally developed as a DIY Arduino-based design that automatically watered plants, as seen in this video, the device has grown into a solution useful to any plant-growing household. Since building the original wasn’t very beginner-friendly — requiring plenty of hands-on experience and knowledge — it was iterated into an all-in-one Arduino watering kit. Eventually, after years of research, it became the GrowCube, full software and hardware design which can be used to water multiple plants without any prior familiarity with Arduino programming.

The GrowCube corrects a few issues with existing solutions: it can water multiple plants but doesn’t rely on a manual timer, nor does it need an external water tank that takes up space. Instead, it obtains soil moisture data in real-time and, combined with a database of 3,000+ common plants on its dedicated app, determines a smart water plan tailored to your plant. The device will continue to water plants according to the plan set on the app, with no need to keep the two connected or even have the GrowCube online at all times.

Full details are available on the GrowCube's Kickstarter page, as well as clips of it in action and the opportunity to preorder. Units ship worldwide and are estimated to ship by July 2022. Any order comes with the GrowCube, four soil moisture sensors, a 10m long water pipe, a filter head, and the power adapter, useful for four plants per device.

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