Golioth Platform Updates Hands Device Management, Over the Air Updates to Free-Tier Users

A move to a usage-based model means even non-paying users can get access to the IoT platform's logging, update, and management features.

Internet of Things (IoT)-focused development platform specialist Golioth has announced a big shake-up to its offerings, switching to a new pricing model that sees free-tier "Individual Developer Plan" members receive access to the platform's device management features including Over the Air (OTA) updates for free — and paying customers moved to a usage-based model.

"In an era where IoT security is paramount, offering OTA capabilities from the start is essential for maintaining device integrity and data security," claims Jonathan Beri, Golioth's chief executive officer, of the company's shift to make its device management features available to all. "Our initiative responds to the urgent need for comprehensive, accessible IoT development tools."

Under the company's new pricing structure, members on the free Individual Developer Plan will receive access to OTA updates, device logging, remote procedure calls (RPCs), and real-time settings management across any number of devices — though only one project. The same tier also includes 1GB of data transfer and 200MB of logging every month, which the company says should cover "substantial IoT deployments." For anyone exceeding these limits, additional data will be charged at $0.35 per megabyte for OTA updates and $0.20 per megabyte for logging.

Golioth's new pricing structure also includes "Teams" and "Enterprise" tiers. The former provides support for up to 20 users and five projects plus dedicated support for $299 per month; the latter starts at $2,799 per month for a minimum of 20 seats, up to 100 projects, and "premium support" to include a support Slack channel for instant communication. Both, however, include the same 1GB OTA/200MB logging monthly limit as the free tier — representing a move, the company explains, to a pay-what-you-use model.

"This pricing update forces Golioth and our competitors to focus on innovation and creating unique value. We are moving away from the per-device fee model, recognizing it as outdated for supporting the wide range of IoT device use cases and behavior profiles," Golioth's Dylan Swartz claims.

"Instead, our focus is on creating a flexible developer experience, ensuring Golioth is compatible across numerous MCU [Microcontroller Unit] platforms and can connect to any cloud destination, serving as the universal connector for IoT. This approach advances the IoT developer community and sets a new standard for what enterprises should expect from platform providers."

The new pricing is live now on the Golioth website.

Gareth Halfacree
Freelance journalist, technical author, hacker, tinkerer, erstwhile sysadmin. For hire: freelance@halfacree.co.uk.
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