Geekworm's Voice HAT Gives a Raspberry Pi Stereo Microphones, a Built-In Speaker, and RGB LEDs

Designed for use with the Raspberry Pi and compatibles, the new HAT aims to offer everything you could need for voice assistant projects.

Gareth Halfacree
23 days agoVoice

Geekworm has released a new add-on for the Raspberry Pi and compatible single-board computers, designed to make development of voice-activated systems as simple as possible: the dual-microphone Voice HAT.

"Raspberry Pi Voice HAT is a Raspberry Pi dual-microphone expansion board specially designed for AI and voice applications," the company writes of its most recent release. "It supports Raspberry Pi 4 Model B/3B+/3B/2B. Now you can build a more powerful and flexible voice product that integrates Amazon Alexa voice service, Google Assistant, Baidu AI, etc."

"The board is an audio module designed based on the Raspberry Pi. It uses the WM8960 low-power stereo codec, which is controlled by the I2C interface, and the audio is transmitted through the I2S interface. There are two microphones on both sides of the circuit board to collect sound. It also provides 12 APA102 RGB LEDs and an onboard speaker, and provides a user button and an I2C interface for expanding applications."

For those looking for higher quality than can be provided through the small on-board speaker, the HAT also includes a stereo speaker output and a 3.5mm audio jack for headphones. The twin MEMS microphones, meanwhile, are exposed as a stereo pair.

The Voice HAT is now available from the Geekworm store, priced at $32.99. Technical details are up on the project's wiki page.

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