Frizzy Electronics' Grape Is "the Perfect Evolution of Arduino," Boasts 3A Output Current at 5V

With quick-connect three-pin header sets and up to 3A output current, the Grape is designed for bigger jobs than its Uno inspiration.

Frizzy Electronics has launched what it describes as "the perfect evolution of Arduino:" the Uno form factor Grape, which boasts the ability to provide up to 3A of output current for external devices.

"Grape is the perfect evolution of Arduino," Frizzy Electronics claims of its latest design. "Thanks to its switched regulator, it is capable of providing up to 3A of current, which allows the use of large servos to LED strips."

"With it as the controller, it is possible to create projects that carry out actions with actuators and receive information from the outside through sensors. Combining programming with electronics you will be able to carry out projects such as amazing robots, an alarm system, an irrigation control or a dog feeder. You set the limits."

Like the Arduino Uno on which it is based, the Grape uses a 16MHz Microchip ATmega328P-AU microcontroller with 32kB of flash memory, 2kB of static RAM (SRAM), and 1kB of EEPROM. The board includes 14 digital input/output pins, eight 10-bit analog inputs, and pulse-width modulation (PWM) on six pins.

It's the power output capabilities that sell the board, though: The company claims the Grape is capable of providing 3A of output current at 5V, allowing the board to drive larger servos and longer strips of LEDs than would normally be possible without an external power supply. Another tweak to the design gives the Grape a physical power button, while the usual Uno-layout female pin headers are joined by three-pin male header bundles to ease connections to external hardware.

The Grape is now available on the Frizzy Electronics Tindie store, priced at $17.

Gareth Halfacree
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