Framework Is a New Modular Laptop That You Can Customize to Your Heart’s Content

The Framework laptop is designed to give you the flexibility for upgrades and repairs that you would normally only get in a desktop computer

Cameron Coward
a year agoDisplays / Sustainability

Fewer and fewer people are finding it necessary to even own a computer, and are instead relying entirely on a smartphone or tablet. But if you need to get real work done at home, it is still a good idea to use a computer and all of the software that you will be able to access with it. Unfortunately, laptops are almost disposable these days. Most manufacturers offer little to no customization options for their laptops and they certainly don’t make them easy to repair. The new Framework laptop is designed to change that by giving you the flexibility for upgrades and repairs that you would normally only get in a desktop computer.

Desktop computers are easy to build, upgrade, and repair yourself, because they have spacious cases with standardized slots and ports. Laptops, on the other hand, need to be as compact as possible. That means that laptop manufacturers do not prioritize your ability to modify or repair their products. The Framework laptop was designed specifically for you to tinker with, but doesn’t sacrifice performance or style. At first glance, the Framework laptop looks a lot like an Apple MacBook Pro thanks to its sleek aluminum case and thin LCD bezel. But virtually every part inside of that case can be easily upgraded or replaced by the end user — without needing to visit a Genius Bar. Instead of tossing your laptop into a closet to collect dust after a couple of years, you can simply upgrade a component to keep the performance up to date.

If, for instance, you purchase your Framework laptop with one of the low-end motherboards, you might find the performance lacking in a couple of years. Instead of having to purchase a new laptop, you can simply purchase a new motherboard. Swapping the motherboard only requires the removal of a few screws. You can also replace the hard drive, RAM, battery, display, and keyboard — essentially everything. Like with a desktop computer, the upgradability means that you’ll be able to keep your Framework laptop around for a long time. No planned obsolescence here!

If you’ve found yourself frustrated by the lack of ports on your MacBook and the need for adapters, you will love the Framework laptop’s expansion ports. You can very quickly swap between expansion cards with a variety of ports. If you need an HDMI port, simply slide in that expansion card. Don’t care about HDMI but want an extra USB port? Pop in the USB expansion card. Other options include a DisplayPort card, MicroSD slot card, additional storage, and more. The Framework laptop has two expansion slots, so you can mix and match however you like.

The Framework team is planning on shipping units this summer. You can sign up on their website to be notified when the Framework laptop becomes available for pre-order.

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