Flux Releases Compact Laser Cutter and Engraver with Beamo

Flux releases compact laser cutter and engraver with Beamo.

Cabe Atwell
9 months agoRobotics

Taipei-based Flux Technology has recently unveiled a new laser cutter and engraving machine with the Beamo, which is a compact version of the company’s much larger Beambox. To that end, laser cutters and engravers have always had a large footprint, and tend to be costly and complicated to use. Beamo, on the other hand, is about the size of a printer and just as easy to operate.

“This never-before-seen design marries cutting-edge technology with our trademark simplicity, maximizing quality and functionality. Beamo packs in features you usually find only in industrial-grade laser cutters to give you outsized power to create something that you’ll love.”

Under the hood, Beamo sports a 30W CO2 laser with 0.05mm spacing at a 1000 DPI resolution, and can shape/cut/engrave hundreds of materials — including wood, acrylic, leather, and even concrete. The machine also features an onboard HD CMOS camera with a preview area of 11.81" x 7.68" and has an accuracy of 0.02". The camera allows users to analyze the workpiece and place designs live on a laptop or PC before being engraved. Users can use a smartphone to snap images and import them to the machine for etching on an object in only a few minutes as well.

Beamo is outfitted with an easy-to-use touch display for adjusting settings, browsing images, and more. It’s also equipped with Wi-Fi and Ethernet for transferring JPG/PNG/SVG/DXF files. Considering lasers can get hot, the machine is outfitted with a water-cooling system to keep temperatures under control.

Flux is currently crowdfunding Beamo on Kickstarter, with pledges starting at $849 and up. Of course, at the higher price points, Flux provides add-ons for increased functionality, including an autofocus attachment that adjusts the camera’s focus with different materials, and a rotary tool for engraving curved objects.

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