Everactive Launches Its First Battery-Free Internet of Things Development Kit

With two compact sensor pucks, a USB gateway, and unlimited user accounts, Everactive is hoping to spur growth with its new dev kit.

Battery-free Internet of Things (IoT) specialist Everactive has announced the launch of its first development kit, through which it aims to "deliver a new class of highly-scalable IoT products" capable of running entirely from harvested power.

"Our core breakthroughs in ultra-low-power wireless systems have overcome both the battery problem and networking issues that have plagued the IoT," Everactive co-founder and co-chief technology officer Benton Calhoun, PhD, claims. "With that as the foundation, we then built an entire data delivery system specifically designed to manage the massive influx of new real-world data sets only made possible by batteryless technology. Ultimately, it is that data — and the derived insights — that matters to our developers and their end users."

To prove its chops the company has launched its first development kit, a bundle that includes two ENV+ Eversensors — boldly described as "the world's most capable energy harvesting device" — along with a USB Evergateway capable of receiving the proprietary wireless signals put out by the sensor nodes.

The ENV+ Eversensors include temperature, humidity, and pressure sensing along with a triaxial accelerometer. The top of the circular puck-like device houses a photovoltaic cell capable, the company claims, of operating indoors and in low-light conditions and of providing enough energy for continuous data streaming to the receiver dongle at a rate of once every 15 seconds.

"The ability to wirelessly deliver such robust data exclusively from harvested energy represents a significant breakthrough for designers and engineers whose IoT projects have struggled to scale," the company claims. "The development kit will allow developers to better understand and experiment with the power of energy harvesting technology for IoT applications."

Everactive is taking pre-orders for the developer bundle at $599 with promotional code "BATTERYLESS20" ahead of shipping in November; each order includes two ENV+ Eversensors, a single USB Evergateway, and unlimited user accounts for the company's platform.

Gareth Halfacree
Freelance journalist, technical author, hacker, tinkerer, erstwhile sysadmin. For hire: freelance@halfacree.co.uk.
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