EnigmaBot Lets Kids Create Their Own Interactive Games

This multi-module kit uses a system of hardware, software, and connecting pieces to create unique builds with various games and play modes.

66 Studios has launched its EnigmaBot modular interactive gaming kit that allows kids to create several unique projects with different games and modes of play. The platform gives kids the ability to learn the process of building while playing games and exploring their creativity. The multi-module game kit is an arrangement of hardware, software, and connecting pieces that can be put together in three completely different ways using a step-by-step process with 3D animated instructions.

Kids can transform the EnigmaBot platform into an arcade console, violin or mini-gun, which can be combined with a smart motor and joypad module, for increased functionality and gaming modes, creating a fun and educational experience. For example, when constructed into a mini machine gun, kids can play several different shooting games, turning the game room into a virtual battlefield. The modular kit can also be turned into a violin for playing interactive music games and an arcade console that enables two players to compete in five different games.

The core of the EnigmaBot is reminiscent of Nintendo’s Game Boy; only it’s a modular component that can have different hardware swapped in and out depending on the application, which includes knobs, joystick, inductive controller, and gyroscope and OID sensor. Each component provides a different control aspect for each game, such as controlling motors using knobs and manipulating levers using the joystick, making the EnigmaBot a versatile platform.

Instead of plastic, 66 Studios’ designed the EnigmaBot using wood using mortise and tendon joints for assembly, allowing the modules to be tightly connected without using nails, screws, or glue. That said, it makes me wonder if temperature and different environments will affect the wood over time, compromising those joints with loose-fitting pieces. Regardless, 66 Studios is currently crowdfunding the EnigmaBot on Kickstarter with pledges starting around $98.95, which gets you the Arcade Kit and Console. In contrast, $169 gets the entire kit, including Arcade, Violin, and Minigun.

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