Doot! The Cuter Boot Button

The legend that began with SparkFun.

Alex Glow
3 years ago

First found on SparkFun's MicroMod carrier board for machine learning, on a particularly silly day in the Hackster studio, the little Doot button is perhaps my favorite contribution to the world of open source.

Here's the original video from October 2020, with the discovery at 3:51...

It resurfaced recently thanks to a tweet by Chris Gammell (Contextual Electronics), which shows the affection some gained for the little Doot and inspired this trip down memory lane.

Rob Reynolds, a creative technologist at SparkFun, made a huge version so you can DOOT all you want without messing up your project!

It seems Jonathan Oxer added a "Snoot" button to this Smart Switch – because naturally, one must boop the snoot in order to boot.

Adrian Chung chimed in with a link to Dave Darko's true DOOT button boards...

I looked these up on OSH Park, and the back says "This exists because I regret correcting @glowascii" – I'd forgotten that he was the one who pointed out that it probably said "Boot" in the first place! (Apparently, at 17:22 in the video above.) Cursed knowledge!!

In my defense, here is the original Doot button. Even on SparkFun's official product page, the reading is hard to deny.

I suppose I'll have to make my own Doot button someday, continuing on the tradition. And I'll be sure to share a template here on Hackster. 😃

** UPDATE, October 1, 2021 **

OMG!! SparkFun is releasing a spooky board today with a DOOT button on it! They sent me one in recognition of the original DOOT, and here it is:

Yes – that's an actual DOOT button next to RESET!

Alex does video interviews, unboxings, and tutorials at Hackster. Follow herhere for Doot updates!

Alex Glow
The Hackster team's resident Hardware Nerd. I love robots, music, EEG, wearables, and languages. FIRST Robotics kid.
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