Domethics Aims to Turn Old Smartphones Into Smart Home Powerhouses with Adriano

As easy to set up as a pair of Bluetooth headphones, the company claims, Adriano aims to solve two problems at once.

Italian startup Domethics is looking to boost your home automation capabilities while making use of that old smartphone you've got sat in a drawer, by turning it into a gateway and user interface: Adriano.

"Adriano is the world's first device that gives a second chance to your old smartphones and tablets, empowering them to become your gateway for home automation," claims Domethics' Mirko Bretto of his company's creation. "Control all your smart devices, use their camera remotely, or interact with them through gestures: Equip your older devices with superpowers!"

The Adriano aims to boost your home's smarts while finding a use for your old smartphone. (πŸ“Ή: Domethics)

Adriano is a smart-looking base with a stand designed to accept a variety of smartphones and tablets. The smartphone provides computational power as well as the user interface, while its cameras can be used for live streaming; the base includes connectivity for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 802.15.4 Zigbee and Z-wave networks β€” as well as a laser-based sensor for gesture control, on top of voice control via the smartphone's microphone.

The Adriano app, meanwhile, synchronizes the two devices β€” and allows the system to communicate via cellular networks, while a battery backup means that the system can keep running even in the event of a power outage. The company is even positioning the system as suitable for off-grid use β€” launching a "Van Life Kit" which includes the Adriano base plus a smoke sensor, door sensor, leak sensor, and siren.

The company claims setup is as easy as pairing Bluetooth headphones. (πŸ“Ή: Domethics)

The company is funding production of the gadget via Kickstarter, with physical rewards starting at €70 for Early Bird backers of the base β€” a claimed 30 per cent discount over its expected retail price. Add-on kits include a Starter Kit with a smart lamp, door sensor, and smart plug, a Health Kit with smartwatch, and the aforementioned Van Life Kit.

The campaign is now live, with hardware delivery expected to take place in May this year.

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