Control Devices Remotely with Adaprox’s Fingerbot Robotic Actuator

This tiny robot lets you remotely and mechanically control all the buttons, switches, and toggles anywhere in your home via app and voice.

Cabe Atwell
4 years agoRobotics

While a majority of the smart devices and appliances currently on the market offer some form of connectivity and interaction, older versions are left stuck with manual control and without the possibility of smart home integration. Smart home technology developer Adaprox provides a solution for those devices without remote capabilities with the Fingerbot robotic actuator, which allows users to control them via voice or through the company’s app.

Adaprox explains, “We created Fingerbot, the world’s smallest robot which can remotely & mechanically control all the buttons, switches, and toggles anywhere in your home through voice and app. A quick, simple, and affordable way to retrofit your existing devices into IoT devices.” As the name implies, the Fingerbot was designed using interchangeable “fingers” for different interaction applications, including one ideal for touchscreens, buttons, toggles, and switches, among several others.

Installation is quick and easy using a 3M adhesive strip, which enables the Fingerbot to be positioned anywhere on a flat surface, although curved or angled surfaces may be a bit of a problem. Adaprox also claims the actuating robotic finger has an internal 500mAh rechargeable lithium battery that can last up to six months. Connectivity for the Fingerbot is supplied via low-power Bluetooth (BLE 4.2), however the company states that incorporating their Adaprox Bridge will let users control their devices from anywhere. The Bridge offers Internet connectivity, uses a cloud API, and can integrate with smart assistants such as Siri, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa.

Adaprox’s app also allows users to incorporate the same smart assistants used in the home, plus the ability to operate their devices remotely, or programmed for automated applications. For example, you can configure the Fingerbot to flip a light switch at a specified time or engage the coffee machine to start brewing before breakfast.

Adaprox is currently crowdfunding the Fingerbot on Kickstarter with pledges starting at $32, which gets you the robotic actuator and interchangeable arm tool pack, while the Bridge or extra tool pack will set you back an additional $40 and $10 respectively.

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