Code Correct's Soldering Kit Teaches the Inner Workings of Common Logic Gates

Using nothing more than switches, resistors, and LEDs, plus a micro-USB power input, the kit teaches how AND, OR, and NOT gates work.

Gareth Halfacree
7 months agoProductivity

Tulsa-based educational electronics concern Code Correct is looking to teach eager students the basics of Boolean logic gates — and soldering, to boot.

"Logic gates are the basic building blocks of all digital devices and computers; they're what CPUs use to make decisions and store memory," Code Correct explains of the project. "Understanding them is essential as a first step to understanding the binary system that make all computers possible."

"This kit is designed for beginners new to electronics and computing; you don't need to know a whole lot about electronics to get started. The design was simplified from transistor switches to simple push switches to help beginners understand the concept easier and to help understand the flow of electricity through the circuit. Also, the circuits are visually laid out on the board to help visualize the logic gates in action."

In addition to teaching the operation of AND, OR, and NOT logic gates through discrete components, supported by a digital manual which includes information about each gate's operation, the kit doubles as a through-hole soldering kit with five push button switches, three LEDs, and three resistors, with power provided by a pre-soldered micro-USB connector.

The kit is now available on the Code Correct Tindie store, priced at $20.

Gareth Halfacree
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