Chris Laplante's TemperBridge Looks to Smarten Up Your Tempur-Pedic Bed with Home Assistant Support

If you're a TEMPUR-Ergo Premier owner, this handy board will get your bed talking to Home Assistant in no time flat.

Developer Chris Laplante is looking to make people's beds a little smarter, building an Espressif ESP32-based device to connect Tempur-Pedic motorized bed bases to Home Assistant: TemperBridge.

"Want to control or automate your Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Ergo Premier adjustable bed base? Then TemperBridge is for you," Laplante claims of his creation. "TemperBridge is intended for usage with Home Assistant. You'll be able to control your bed base with the Home Assistant app and website. With Home Assistant Cloud you can even control your bed base using your voice via Alexa and Google Assistant."

Based on an Espressif ESP32-WROOM-32E module on a custom carrier board with dedicated Silicon Labs Si4463 433MHz radio transceiver, the TemperBridge serves to connect Home Assistant to motorized TEMPUR-Ergo Premier bed bases. Running a customized version of the ESPHome firmware, TempurBridge allows for all the same functions as the official wireless remote control β€” bar the auto-learn and hard reset functions.

"A TemperBridge can only be tuned to a single channel at any given time," Laplante warns. "Split bases (in non-tandem mode) utilize two channels - one per side. Also, if you have multiple separate bases, then each will be tuned to its own channel. As long as you don't need to control more than one side/base simultaneously, you can probably just use a single TemperBridge. You can create a Helper (Dropdown, Toggle, or Button is recommended) in Home Assistant for switching between channels. Then you'll need to set up some Automations to actually change the channel."

"If you'd rather not deal with the hassle, you should buy multiple TemperBridges. Also, if you want to use Alexa/Google Assistant, then you'll probably want a TemperBridge for each base/side, unless you want to write a bunch of Scripts in Home Assistant."

The TemperBridge is now available to buy on Tindie at $70 per unit, with an optional 3D-printed case available for an additional $5. The firmware source code is published to GitHub under the ESPHome License, which combines the permissive MIT license and reciprocal GNU General Public License 3 depending on which part of the code you're working with.

Gareth Halfacree
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