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We are excited to write this blog announcing the first Arm AIoT Dev Summit this coming December 2nd-3rd in the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. This will be a two-day conference with multiple hands-on workshops featuring industry leaders in AI for IoT and embedded devices as well as covering topics related to autonomous systems and robotics.

We have gone out of our way to design an event that developers are going to love with plenty of hands-on sessions and deep dive technical talks from the industry experts who you love to hear from. We hope to see you there, along with our friends from Hackster.

Sign up today for early bird pricing! Register now and save $75 off using discount code: AIOT19HACKSTER. Because the Arm AIoT Dev Summit is hardware workshop heavy, you should reserve your spot now to ensure that you get the hardware you want!

Event Overview

The Arm AIoT Dev Summit will cover the following topics:

  • IoT – From Edge to Cloud
  • Intelligent and Autonomous Machines
  • AI from Development to Deployment

Our keynote speakers include the following:

  • Simon Segars, CEO of Arm
  • Jem Davies, VP of Arm ML Group at Arm
  • Chris Anderson, CEO of 3D Robotics
  • Massimo Banzi, Co-founder and CTO of Arduino

Get Your Hands on AI Hardware!

As developers, we understand how important it is to be able to explore technology in a hands-on fashion. This is why we have made a great effort to ensure that there are a wide range of hands-on workshops at Arm AIoT Dev Summit as well as an emphasis on deep-dive technical sessions from industry leaders.

Here are a selection of the hands-on hardware workshops available. Register now because hardware is limited and these workshops will fill up rapidly:

  • TinyML Application Development for Everyone – Sandeep Mistry (Arduino)
  • Build your own Harry Potter Wand with TensorFlow Lite Micro – Pete Warden, Kirk Bennell, Rob Reynolds (Google, SparkFun, Ambiq Micro)
  • Adafruit PyBadge (AI Badge) Workshop (four seperate sessions)
  • Building End-To-End Machine Learning Workflows with Arm – Austin Blackstone (Arm)
  • Unlock the Potential of IoT Security with Microsoft Azure Sphere – Brian Willess (Avnet)
  • Containers in an IoT World – Maurizio Caporali, Alessandro Genovese (UDOO)
  • Building IoT Systems with Mbed and Pelion – Wen Chou (Arm)
  • Privacy-Focused Edge-Based Voice AI – Samreen Islam, Carlos Chacin, Alfred Gonzalez-Cuzan (Matrix Labs)
  • Building End-To-End Machine Learking Workflows – Wei Ziao, Gian Marco Iodice (Arm)
  • And more!

Schedule and Speakers

The event schedule includes keynotes, tech sessions and workshops from many leading AI and IoT industry experts from companies such as Google, OpenMV, Microsoft, AWS, Arduino, Avnet, Matrix Labs, to name a few. We have also included a number of Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) sessions so you can directly meet and converse with experts, focus groups and PyBadge Making workshops with Adafruit.

A few highlight speakers include:

  • Dr. Ciira Maina, Organizer of Data Science Africa
  • Kirk Benell, CTO of SparkFun
  • Pete Warden, TensorFlow Lite Engineering Lead at Google
  • Simon Crosby, CTO of
  • Katherine Scott, Developer Advocate at OpenRobotics
  • Kwabena Agyeman, Creator of OpenMV

You can view the entire agenda here.

Why an Arm AIoT Dev Summit?

Chances are that you may have experimented at some point with an Arm-based platform from Arduino, Adafruit, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard or many others. If you take a look at, a database of single-board computers, you will find that 260 of the 309 platforms listed are based on Arm. Due to the popularity of Arm-based prototyping platforms, it has become common for developers to experiment with performing AI tasks on Arm.

There have been many advancements in the Arm AI ecosystem over the last year by our partners, as well as the announcement of new dedicated Arm AI IP. To provide a short overview:

As a result of the increasing adoption of Arm for AI tasks, we decided to organize our first Arm AIoT Dev Summit and bring the talented developers from our ecosystem together to share their knowledge, tinker, prototype and learn.

If you have read this far, you are probably the kind of person we would like to meet at our very first Arm AIoT Dev Summit. Register today and we look forward to making your acquaintance.

Sign up today for early bird pricing!Register now and save $75 off using discount code: AIOT19HACKSTER. Because the Arm AIoT Dev Summit is hardware workshop heavy, you should reserve your spot now to ensure that you get the hardware you want!

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