Bring Light Projects to Life with the Brightly Interactive Toolkit

Brightly is an interactive light driver with a series of modular breakouts that allows users to connect and program up to 8,200 LEDs

Cabe Atwell
20 days agoSensors / Lights

Polytronic Engineering has launched its Brightly Interactive Light Toolkit, making it easy to create any project equipped with programmable LEDs. The platform features a powerful light driver, a flexible breakout system, mobile/desktop apps, and project-ready Light Collection add-ons. The toolkit can drive 8,200 programmable LEDs (NeoPixels, DotStars, etc.) over ArtNet, sACN, OpenPixelControl, and MADLED. It can also produce live patterns, record and playback streams, and directly control DMX fixtures, which can be accessed via OSC, BLE, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet using the Brightly Bridge app or any compatible mapping software. Lights can be controlled from anywhere using a browser, with user configurations stored and accessed in the cloud.

"Brightly's built-in pattern engine brings your colors to light without the need for a computer or mapping software! Choose from an extensive library of FX and customize color palettes and animations," states Polytronic Engineering. "Map up to 64 individual segments to your design and integrate into live performances or interactive installations with MIDI and OSC control." The app offers an intuitive interface that allows users to record, edit, sequence, and playback light sessions without knowing complex programming.

The Brightly Driver module comes with everything needed to control light setups, such as a USB-C port, Ethernet port, power, and plug-in ports for direct connection to the modules. The modules include a D8 breakout that's outfitted with eight 4-pin screw terminals (5V/7.5A), an XT60 power input, and per-port LED indicators. There's even a smaller R4 breakout (with four screw terminals), an L8 breakout equipped with 8X RJ45 ports, and a "Tap" board that provides signal correction for SPI clocked and clockless LEDs.

Polytronic Engineering has launched the Brightly Interactive Light Toolkit on Kickstarter, with pledges starting at $199 for the Basics Kit, which includes the Driver module, D8 breakout, and USB cable. Varying kits are available as well, with the max being the $1,999 Big Baller kit, which gets you every breakout module, along with a choice of connectors and light options.

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