Boozer Is an Open Source Kegerator Monitor You Can Now Build with a Raspberry Pi!

Cameron Coward
a year ago

If you’re lucky enough to have a bar at home with a kegerator and tap, it’s probably a safe assumption that you enjoy your beer. And, if you enjoy your beer, you probably care about data like the keg’s temperature and how much beer you’re pouring. There are many ways that you could monitor that information, but Redditor Callingyougoulet has a very thorough setup that they’ve made open source so you can build your own!

Boozer combines many desirable features that are intended specifically for home kegerator setups. It manages flow sensors to determine how much beer you’re pouring with each glass, as well as over time. It has temperature sensors to keep the keg at the perfect temperature for your IPA or abbey ale. It can — if you want — send Twitter or Slack notifications when the system detects a pour. And, it can show data on an external display or through dashboards that are compatible with MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport).

If you want to build your own Boozer, you’ll need a Raspberry Pi at the very least, which is the brain of the system. Additionally, you’ll need the sensors and displays for whichever features you want to implement. Callingyougoulet used flow meters from Adafruit, which cost just $10 a piece, and an inexpensive waterproof digital temperature sensor. The code to make it all work is available over on the Boozer GitHub page, along with information on the various ways it can be configured.

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