Bokra's IoThing Digital Is a "Professional Digital I/O" Module for the Raspberry Pi and More

Board offers isolated AC/DC channels to 300V, two Omron relays, and both mikroBUS and Grove connectors for expansion.

Gareth Halfacree
3 years ago β€’ Internet of Things

UPDATE (11/24/2021): Bokra has now launched its crowdfunding campaign for the IoThing Digital input/output module, and the initial early bird rewards have already sold out.

Pricing for the board past the limited early bird level is set at $40, which includes a fully-assembled unit with two SPDT relays. Adapter boards which convert the IoThing Digital for use with Arduino Nano or STM Nucleo-32, Feather/Thing Plus, Teensy, Raspberry Pi Pico, or Mikroelectronika MINI development board pinouts are available for an additional $9. Another $9 gets an adapter to connect a Raspberry Pi single-board computer to the IoThing Digital's mikroBUS connector.

All rewards are expected to ship in March next year, with more details available on the Crowd Supply campaign page.

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Israeli IoT specialist Bokra is preparing to launch the IoThing Digital, a digital input/output module offering high-power relays and two isolated AC/DC channels supporting up to 300V.

"IoThing Digital is a professional digital I/O module with two high-power Omron G5Q-14 relays and two digital input channels based on [the] Texas Instruments ISO1211," the company explains of its design. "It allows digital input of both DC and AC signals, so you are not limited in your choice of input voltage level."

"You can choose the voltage range yourself, for example, 60 VDC or 220 VAC or any other, up to 300 V. The design of this board also integrates a DC-DC converter and a slot for mikroBUS modules."

Bokra is positioning the part as an ideal companion board for single-board computers and microcontrollers like the Raspberry Pi β€” sharing, as it does, a footprint with the compact Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ β€” Arduino, Teensy, and boards from Adafruit, Particle, and SparkFun, among others.

The IoThing Digital supports, the company has confirmed, 100kHz and 400kHz operation on the I2C bus, eight jumper-selectable addresses, includes a Grove connector, and supports MikroElektronika's Click mikroBUS modules as well as Bokra's own SoM Lite designs.

The company is looking to fund mass production of the board via a crowdfunding campaign, with more information β€” including a link to the datasheet, as well as a form to be notified when the campaign goes live β€” available on the project's Crowd Supply campaign page.

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