Bluetrum Launches RT-Thread-Based Arduino Uno-Like RISC-V Development Board, the AB32VG1

Sub-$13 system comes with RT-Thread Studio IDE support, audio capabilities, and even an infrared receiver.

Chinese electronics specialist Bluetrum has announced the launch of a RISC-V development board built around the Arduino Uno form factor, designed for use with the RT-Thread real-time operating system.

RT-Thread, with its RT-Thread Studio IDE development platform, has been expanding its hardware support in recent months — including adding the Raspberry Pi Pico, and its RP2040 microcontroller, as an official target earlier this year. Now, it's partnered with Bluetrum to launch a development board based around a RISC-V chip.

Dubbed the Bluetrum AB32VG1, the new board is built around Bluetrum's in-house AB5301A microcontroller. Implementing the 32-bit RV32 RISC-V architecture, the chip runs at 120MHz, has 192kB of RAM, and 1MB of flash storage.

The chip is housed in a development board echoing the layout of the popular Arduino Uno, complete with the same unusual pin spacing on the general-purpose input/output (GPIO) headers. These headers provide access to digital inputs and outputs plus six analog to digital converter (ADC) inputs, six pulse-width modulation (PWM) outputs, and an I2C bus.

On top of that, the board includes integrated Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support, an audio jack with a 16-bit 48kHz stereo output, SD Card slot, USB Host support, an infrared receiver, an RGB LED, and two or three user-addressable buttons depending on model.

Bluetrum is now selling the board through Taobao at 79.90 Yuan, with the AB5301A chip available on its own in a surface-mount package at 4.20 Yuan for up to five (around $12.30 and $0.65, respectively.)

Gareth Halfacree
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