Automate Your Aquarium with the Leviathan Control Board

This board lets users manage and monitor almost every aspect of their aquariums, including lighting, temperature, pH levels, and more.

Chemical engineer and aquarium hobbyist Brandon Schreiber has launched a board that lets users monitor and control nearly every aspect of their aquarium setups, including lighting, pH levels, water levels, and more. Schreiber created the Leviathan over the course of a few years, with multiple revisions and prototypes before ending up with a design that could do everything he needed.

On the hardware side, Leviathan comes packed with a series of JST connectors and GPIO headers for connecting sensors used with aquariums. The board is housed within a 3D-printed enclosure that is outfitted with power outlets, which are wired to the board and allow users to plug in their devices they would like to automate. If the logo looks familiar, that’s because the board is compatible with the Raspberry Pi, which attaches to the Leviathan externally using an exposed header.

The Leviathan is developed for use with the open source Reef-Pi software, which lets you keep tabs on what’s happening in the aquarium ecosystem, and will send you alerts if changes deviate from a programmed spectrum. It also enables users to set equipment on scheduled timers or control them manually (via on-screen sliders) if necessary.

Schreiber is currently crowdfunding the Leviathan Aquarium Automation control board on Kickstarter and has already surpassed his target goal of $1,250 by a few thousand dollars. Those interested can pledge $14 and up, which gets you just the board at that point. Schreiber does offer boards for both fresh and saltwater tanks, and complete kits (board, outlets, sensors, and enclosure) starting at $117 and higher.

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