August Is Wearable Tech Month on Hackster

Learn more about what activities Hackster is doing for Wearable Tech Month this August and how you can participate.

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For all of August, we'll be sharing our favorite wearable projects, latest news on hardware designed for wearable applications, interviews with friends in the industry and some giveaways to encourage your exploration into the world of wearables.

A Call to Share Your Projects

We're interested to see in what ways the community is innovating or adapting wearable applications as technology continues to evolve to be smaller, smarter and more feature-heavy. This diverse topic ranges from unique projects like the incredibly popular, Arduino-powered punch-activated arm flamethrowers to a library of health and fitness applications like the ESP8266 Smart Fitness Watch. Wearables are an awesome way to make our technology much more personal and relevant to individuals for many different purposes.

Check out projects posted by the Hackster community on the wearables topic channel to browse and be inspired by what the community has created. Publish your own projects and add the tag "wearables" in your project's publication settings to add your project to the topic page.

Don't forget to post your projects on social. Use #hacksterio, or tag our handle on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We'll be browsing the wearables topic channel and social for interesting projects to feature across all Hackster's platforms this month, so check them often to see awesome projects from the community.

Wearable Tech Giveaway with Seeed Studio

Similar to Drone Month, we'll be doing another giveaway for wearables, this time with Seeed Studio! The authors of the top three most viewed wearables projects that utilize a Seeed Studio product in their project will win a $100 coupon for the XIAO and Grove product lines - excellent for building wearable projects.

This giveaway is also a great opportunity to participate in Seeed Studio's "project of the month" campaign, where the Seeed Studio team browses their Hackster platform hub each month and chooses their top four favorite projects and posts them on their LinkedIn page for their followers to vote. The most voted project on LinkedIn wins the title "Project of the Month" and wins an additional $200 Seeed coupon! You can vote for their project of the month for July now by checking out their LinkedIn poll.

Note, shipping costs for the $100 shopping cart are included; customs/duties, if applicable, must be covered by the recipient.

Read the Latest News on Wearable Technologies

Read some of our recent Hackster News articles on the latest updates in the wearable technology industry and what hardware you should keep an eye out for as you build your future wearable projects:

Stay tuned for more Hackster news articles throughout the month by checking the Hackster News tab and reading our weekly newsletter often to get the latest news and important info on all things Wearables.

Wearable Technology Events

Hungry for more wearables conversation? Check out our events page for upcoming conferences, webinars, meetups, and other events relevant to wearable technology.

Hackster Café with Huaishu Peng

Huaishu Peng works at the University of Maryland as an assistant professor in the department of computer science, an affiliated assistant professor in the college of information studies, and a faculty member of the Human-Computer Interaction Lab and Institute for Advanced Computer Studies.

He's created many unique wearable projects including SENSEable Shoes, which is a hands-free and eyes-free foot computer interface. The interface recognizes different low-interface activities by measuring the user's continuous weight distribution over the feet with twelve force-sensing resistors embedded into the insoles of the shoes.

Watch our live interview with Huaishu on August 30th on our YouTube channel!

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