Arduino MKR IoT Carrier Board Now Available Outside the Explore IoT, Oplà IoT Kit Bundles

Multi-function carrier accepts any MKR format board and offers a range of sensors, RGB LEDs, and a central color OLED display.

Arduino has made the MKR carrier board found in its Explore IoT and Oplà IoT kit bundles available to buy as a standalone product, offering a range of inputs and outputs for any MKR format microcontroller board.

The Arduino Explore IoT Kit launched last year as a bundle designed to give educators an easy route to teaching students about the Internet of Things, pairing an Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 development board with a range of accessories — including a custom carrier board with sensors, touch points, and a central display. The education-focused kit was followed by the Oplà IoT Kit, which revised the carrier board to use a circular display — and it's this revised version which is now available to buy on its own.

"Originally forming a key part of the Arduino Oplá IoT Kit, we’ve responded to our community to make the carrier available on it’s own," the Arduino team explains, "thus enabling you to benefit from having a bunch of sensors, actuators and a display all featured on the one board — making it quicker and easier to take your IoT projects to the next level."

The MKR IoT Carrier board is now available to buy outside the kit bundles. (📹: Arduino)

The carrier board accepts any Arduino MKR or pin-compatible microcontroller board and brings five capacitive touch buttons, five RGB LEDs, a buzzer, a central color OLED display, and accelerometer, gyroscopic, temperature, humidity, pressure, RGBC light, gesture, and proximity sensing — while Grove-compatible headers provide solder-free connectivity to external hardware. There are two 24V relays on board, a microSD card slot, and a battery holder for an 18650 battery — though the battery is not included in the pack.

The MKR IoT Carrier is now available on the Arduino store for $57.60, MKR board not included.

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